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Creating the Perfect Curated Post a Template for Success


There is no shortage of great content that begs to be shared on online, but how do you it right? A recent article by Alex Barca for Curta’s Content Marketing Forum puts all the necessary elements of a finely written curated post into an easy to follow template. “Best-in-class marketers use a content marketing mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content”, this is … Read more »

WordPress 3.9 What’s New and What You Need to Know


WordPress 3.9 has arrived. Drag and drop image uploading, plus gallery thumbnail previews are just a few of the new editing features that are part of making this one of the best releases ever. Here is a roundup of the best articles introducing the new features and what you need to know about upgrading. Watch this video from WordPress and learn how the release “closes … Read more »

5 Free Christmas Holiday Facebook Cover Photo Photoshop PSD Templates


Deck your Facebook Timeline cover photo with one of these five free holiday Facebook cover photo templates. The Photoshop PSD Facebook templates are perfect for sharing those holiday “Kodak” now “iPhone” photo moments. We have business brand pages covered too with two templates that are sure to brighten your business page with holiday cheer. Each template is designed to be easy to edit. Adding your … Read more »

A Wrap on a Website – HokeyPokey Press Designer Gift Wrap Pack


Do you adore unique designer gift wrapping paper? Do you have a collection of half used rolls of wrapping paper, a tangle of ribbons and miscellaneous gift tags that defy organization? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love the HokeyPokey Press Wrap Pack™. I just finished creating the HokeyPokey Press website. Their designs are so fun and the Wrap Pack … Read more »

The Next Big Thing – Squirr31: Move Over Facebook and Twitter


Is my associate Kevin Diamond about to join the elite club of successful internet start-up rock stars under 30? I say move over Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook and make room for Kevin and Squirr3l. Squirr3l is a fast way to get connected, well….without actually connecting. Users upload a three-part status about what they are doing, who are they with and where they are. That’s it … Read more »

Evernote Basics a Quick Start Overview


Is your digital information always available when you need it? Keep your links, documents and photos in Evernote and find them anytime anywhere. This quick overview of Evernote basics is just what you need to get started organizing all you data in one handy place. “The more I use Evernote, the more it ways I find to take advantage of its power for archiving my … Read more »

No Thumbnail When Sharing a Post to Facebook? My Simple Solution

Facebook No Post Thumbnail

A few blog posts ago, I noticed that there was no thumbnail when sharing a post to Facebook. If this is happening to you, you probably searched the web I like did and found lots of complex solutions. One of them maybe the fix for your problem; however, I solved my no thumbnail issue with a very simple solution. Identifying the Cause of Your Post … Read more »

How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username & Password – WP Security Tip


The default WordPress username “admin” has been a security weakness for years. Increases in attacks on sites using admin as the username make changing the username mandatory for maintaining security. The plan of attack is simple: find WordPress sites using the default “admin” username and gain access by trying multiple passwords. Once in the front door, they inject a backdoor and create malware on site. … Read more »

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