Ten More Free PSD Templates – Update Your Facebook Cover Photo

10 Trendy Free Facebook Cover Photo PSD TemplatesNow is the perfect time to update your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. Select one of these 10 great free Photoshop templates for a fresh new look. When you are looking for style this set of trend setting covers comes through with designs perfect for either personal or business brand pages cover photos.

Editing Photoshop PSD Templates

Adding your photos couldn’t be easier, just drag and drop them in to the template. Update the text with your message and your personalized cover photo is ready to go. Facebook’s photo compression is brutal, so save your finished design as a high quality png.

Rick-Bean-TipsRick’s Tip: Don’t own Photoshop? My favorite free online photo editor Pixlr can be used to open and edit PSD files. Gimp and Paint.Net are two other excellent free alternatives to Photoshop.

10 of the Best Cover Photo Templates for Facebook

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Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 011. EW Couture Collection Three couture collections of Photoshop templates for your timeline cover photo. Wow your fans with these stylish designer originals.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 022. Grapigs Customize this fun retro style template with your own text and one of seven different color formats.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 033. World’s Best Actions for Photographers There is a lot to like about this 5 pack of original professional designed templates; give them some FB love by sharing the download.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 044. Marcos Renato Design Create a Timeline within your Facebook Timeline with this clever design.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 055. Michael Reimer Fill this collage style cover template with your favorite photos. Take a tip from Michael and unify your photo collection by making them all black and white.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 066. Crazy Pixels Get 5 premium quality templates in exchange for signing up to their email mailing list.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 077. Rotrio Choose from five styles in this elegant template collection. Included are two background textures, space and floral, in five colors.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 088. Bloom Web Design This fun design is perfect for freelancers /business with clean lines and an artistic background. Follow them on Twitter to download the template.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 099. Frozen Color Look to this clean and unique template for easy editing to display five of your favorite pics.

Facebook Cover Photo PSD Template 1010. Design Freebies Display your info with a post it note, photos and one of 18 different backgrounds ranging from abstract to paper.

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