Rick’s Tips: Sign up for a Google Account without Signing up for Gmail or Google Plus

Rick Bean Social Media TipsBreaking News for Google – not everyone who signs up for a Google Account wants a Gmail account and to join Google Plus. If you sign up for a new account from the Google home page that is exactly what you will get – a Gmail email address and a Google+ membership.

You can sign up for a Google account without creating a Gmail account or a Google Plus membership at the Google New Account Page . Or you can sign up for a Google Service such a Google Analytics or Google Calendar. When you are ready to join Google+ you can use this account with your preferred email address.

Tip: If all you want is Gmail account but are not ready yet to join G+ don’t complete anything else but Step 1 – Create a Google Account.

Get a Google Account without Signing up for Gmail or Google Plus

Step 1 Create A Google AccountStep 1. Start at the Google New Account Page. Fill out the form using your desired email address.

Step 2 Accept Googles TermsStep 2.  Accept Google’s Terms of Service and create your account: click the I accept. Create my account button at the bottom of the page. Note: You may be asked verify your account via phone before proceeding the Account Creation Confirmation page.

Step 3 Confirm Email AddressStep 3. Click the link in the verification email sent to your email account. Note: that creating a Google Account doesn’t automatically give you Gmail or effect your current email account.

Step 4 Email Address VerifiedStep 4. Your email address has been verified. You can choose to add your mobile phone number or just Click the Click here to continue link. You have created your Google account.

Tip Google Accounts PageTip: The Google accounts page is where you can edit your information and access products. You have the options to create a public, a private profile or edit your personal info. Note: G+ users must have a public profile – you can create that when you choose to sign up for G+.

Tip- Delete Products and AccountsTip:  To delete products or your account: Click the Edit link next My products. Deleting a product or account is permanent. Please be certain that you will no longer need the information or account before your delete it.

Tip Gmail Sign Up FormTip: Signing up for a Gmail account from this account will change your primary account username to your new Gmail address. Alternately you can create a separate Google Account for Gmail. There you have it, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee you have created your Google Account with the email address of your choice. Improve your social media skills with more Rick’s Tips »


  1. says

    Holy cow this is annoying. I’m trying to create a YouTube account with a name that matches my website, but I’m getting blocked by Goggle+, which says it’s not a real, human name. I don’t want Google+ and I don’t want my YouTube account in my name. Grrrr…

  2. says

    A company has 3 main email Ids, what do you suggest, should I use anyone of them for Google Plus account or create another email ID for this?

    I am afraid if I use email from those, our customer support executives will be in trouble in managing the account.

    Please guide me.

    • says

      If the 3 main email ids already have specific purposes you may want to create a new email for your Google Plus account. I know that Sue has clients that she creates a specific email to handle all their social media accounts through. Traffic can be heavy and it nice not to have your inbox that you do client business or customer support through not flooded with social messages. It also makes it easy to organize and follow your social networks.

  3. says

    Many of my clients prefer to use their own email address for a number of reasons, including not having to manage another email account. They also feel that their own email address is more professional with @their-company-domain.com than @gmail.com. No doubt that attitude may be changing soon with Google’s business and server offerings.

  4. akash says

    Like g-mail account is there any way to open a fully approved AD SENSE account which is valid as well as white hat in the eyes of ad sense team. Kindly inform if you know any such method to get fully approved ad sense account.

  5. says

    To open an Ad Sense account you will need a Google Account. Just follow the steps above or choose to create an account from the Ad Sense home page. As to the process of becoming “fully approved”, I don’t use Ad Sense so I have no advice on that.

  6. Chuck Oler says


    If a person creates a Google account and uses a Yahoo email address (for example), will that effect sharing in GPlus? I shared a photo album to a couple friends and one of them did not get the post. His google account was created with a yahoo email address. The other person can see the post. His account was created with a gmail address. I know that Google Sites limits viewers that do not have a gmail address. In that situation, those users can’t post on Sites.


    • says

      I have a Google+ account and so does Rick, both of us have no problems with sharing; however, we are not using a Yahoo email address. I have a friend who uses a MSN address with no problems, she is an avid photo sharer. I would suggest sharing again with your friend and see they receive your share. I would look to a privacy setting issue if they don’t get your second share. Let me know how it goes.

      • Chuck Oler says

        Thanks for the reply Sue!

        My friend changed his Google account by adding a Gmail email address. Now, like magic, he is able to see the album I shared with him. So I have to conclude that in order to see shared photos you need a gmail address on your Google account. What else could it be?

      • Chuck Oler says


        My friend changed his Google account by adding a Gmail email address. Now, like magic, he is able to see the album I shared with him. So I have to conclude that in order to see shared photos you need a gmail address on your Google account. What else could it be?

    • Chuck Oler says


      I have added you to one of my circles. I will now share the same set of photos with you. This was a recent trip to the Baja peninsula with my best friends.

      thanks for your continuing interest and help!


        • Chuck Oler says

          Sent it like 10 minutes ago. If you don’t see it, you probably won’t get it. But wait a bit and try again. I am not sure how fast Google does this sharing.


          • Chuck Oler says


            It should not matter if I was not in one of your circles. You should still be able to see what I shared to you (you were in my circle!). Sharing is not a mutual gig!

            But just to be sure, I will re-share the album.


          • says

            Hmmm…hadn’t thought about that. I just tried sharing a photo from a G+ account that is using a Gmail address to me and I got it. Still haven’t received your share, strange. I am not sure what to conclude here except that I can’t get shares from you.

          • Chuck Oler says

            Pardon my language but WTF!!!

            The only diff I see is I shared with you, an album vs. a photo. That shouldn’t matter. But I wonder…..

            I am gonna try one photo. Let me know.

    • says

      Google will let you use your own email address, but now they need that phone verification. Nice article on getting phone verification without an mobile phone. Looks like there maybe some costs in the “free” K7 service so read the deal carefully to make sure it fits your needs. Your TalkZoom blog has some tutorials worth checking out.

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